Shires Nylon Grass Muzzle

Shires Nylon Grass Muzzle

Proven to help with controlled or restricted feeding regimes and special diets, the Shires Grazing Muzzle has undergone something of an upgrade to greatly enhance its comfort and wearability. Cut back under the chin to avoid unnecessary pressure and improve the fit, it features comfort padding around inside of the muzzle to protect the delicate nose and chin. Head and throat straps feature comfort padding and are fully adjustable with field safe fastenings and a D ring for leading the horse. The muzzle further features a rubber base with a hole in the bottom through which grass can enter and reinforced nylon web bars which allow free air exchange. Sizes Small Pony, Pony, Cob or Full. Colours Black only. When fitting this muzzle, please ensure there is a two finger width gap between the muzzle and the horses nose.
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Shires Nylon Grass Muzzle
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