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Our Services at Sandons Saddlery

Here at Sandons Saddlery we try to offer as many equestrian services as possible.

All our staff have a lifetime experience in the equine world. i.e. breeding, breaking, schooling, problem horses, showing, competing, driving,  pony club, etc, etc. If we cannot help you then maybe we know someone who can?

Saddle Fitting

Finding a saddle that fits right is not an easy task. It isnt all about which one looks the nicest or which one is the most expensive.A poorly fitted saddle can lead to a sore back for the horse and a bad temper to go along with it! For this reason, we offer a mobile saddle fitting service. Our experts are expert saddle fitters and will work with you to select the right saddle - they will not try to sell you a saddle which is not a good fit.

Expert Advice

We are always happy to offer our expert advice. All our staff are keen horse riders and most have been riding since birth. Our depth of knowledge and friendly 'non sales' approach means that we build long lasting relationships with our clients.

Trailer Hire

We have a range of horse trailers for hire and great rates. The trailers are ones that we actually use for our own hosres so you can be assured of quality and reliability. Contact us for rates.

Second Hand Sales

We are happy to sell - on your behalf, good quality second hand tack and equestrian supplies. We have one of the largest stocks of pre loved products. The best bit? We will sell your goods F.O.C.

We Also Provide:

  • Clipper Hire
  • Trailer Hirer
  • Massage Pad Hire
  • Fitting of Hats and Body Protectors
  • Clippers Serviced and Blades Sharpened
  • Rug Wash, Re-Proof and Repair Service
  • All Types of Saddlery Repairs including Saddle Re-Flocking
  • Horse and Dog Wormers (please note: Our SQP needs to be on site to purchase wormers)
  • Special Orders
  • Advertising Notice Board
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