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Equine America Buteless 1kg

Equine America Buteless 1kg

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Key Features

  • Premium botanicals for joint mobility
  • Helps to reduce soreness in older/competition horses
  • Perfect partner to either Glucosamine or Cortaflex

Ingredients Per 30g Serving

Boswellia 2,500mg

Turmeric 1,000mg

MSM 1,500mg

Vitamin C 1,000mg

Yucca 1,000mg

Omega 3 Fatty Acids 2,800mg

Black Pepper 200mg

Vitamin E 200mg

Rosemary Extract 25mg

Grapeseed Extract 20mg

*Please note: Buteless High Strength Solution has been discontinued and Buteless Original High Strength Powder is a suitable alternative*


What is Buteless Original High Strength Powder?

Buteless Original High Strength Powder is a rapid-action botanical blend, packed with antioxidants to help soothe joints, muscles and tendons after work, and provide extra comfort to older horses and ponies where mobility is restricted.

The formula. We select high quality botanicals with long standing research, proven to be effective over many years of science: boswellia, yucca, turmeric, rosemary and grape seed extracts.

To further enhance antioxidant capability; vitamin C has been added to support collagen structures and vitamin E to aid muscle recovery after hard work.

Sulphur plays a leading role in the horse’s antioxidant defence systems and we include the most respected and sought after sulphur available, in the form of MSM (methylsulphonylmethane).

When making this product we even consider the base blend. Linseed is rich in omega 3 (alpha linolenic acid), an essential fatty acid crucial to the overall health and mobility of joints.

For the ultimate in soothing joints look for Buteless Super Strength Powder – it’s a product we swear by!

Benefits of Buteless Original High Strength Powder?

  • Soothes joints, muscles and tendons (boswellia, yucca, turmeric)
  • Antioxidant rich (boswellia, yucca, turmeric, rosemary and grape seed extracts)
  • Aids muscle function (vitamin E)
  • Supports connective tissues (MSM and vitamin C)

Who is Buteless Original High Strength Powder for?

A complementary feed for horses, designed to support mobility and comfort, as part of a balanced diet.

Net weight 1kg.